DailyHOPE - a new freephone service by the Church of England

A very helpful resource for those who may be feeling lonely and isolated has just been released by the Church of England. From the 1st May, those who dial the freephone number (0800 804 8044) are met with a special greeting recorded by the Archbishop of Canterbury and are then prompted to make a selction from a list of options. These include: Hymns we love - which provides a hymn and reflection, Prayer during the day, or Night prayer. There is also a weekly sermon and prayers specific to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The phoneline - which is available all day - has been set up to recognise that, while thousands of churches are streaming online services and prayer groups, many people, especially the elderly, do not have access to the internet.

We at Guiseley Baptist Church heartily recommend this service. You may have elderly relatives or neighbours who cannot access the internet so why not share with them about this service. Even if the web is your second home we are sure you will still find this service a great spiritual support.

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