We place a lot of emphasis on housegroups here at GBC simply because we believe they are one of the best ways to get to know people and become part of the church family.

What are House Groups?

House groups are the small group ministry of GBC. Each group consists of between 6 – 12 people who meet together on a regular basis to develop relationships with each other, to draw closer to God and to grow in Christian maturity. They are a great place to receive mutual support and encouragement - to get to know others and for them to get to know you at a deeper level than is possible on a Sunday.

What happens at House Group meetings?

All our house groups are different - some follow material relating to the Sunday morning sermon, others choose books or DVDs to aid their bible study; but what is common to all is that there is time to relate the bible to everyday life, to pray and share together.

Where do House Groups meet?

Except for the Monday afternoon group, all our housegroups meet in people’s homes. There are various groups in Guiseley and the surrounding area with details below showing when and where each housegroup meets.

How can I join a House Group?

If you would like more information about joining one of the house groups you can speak to one of our ministers at the church office. They will put you in touch with a group that best meets your needs. You are welcome to go along and will recieve a warm welcome.

Our current housegroups are:

Monday   1.30pm Women's Group (GBC) - weekly
    8.00pm Greenshaw Terrace - weekly (Term time only)
Tuesday   7.45pm Pendragon Terrace - fortnightly
    8.00pm Hawksworth Lane - 1st & 3rd
    8.00pm Coppice - weekly
Wednesday   7.30pm Silverdale - 1st & 3rd
    7.30pm Post Alpha Nurture Group - Hawkstone Ave - fortnighly
Thursday   8.00pm Fieldhead Road - fortnightly
    8.00pm Twenties - weekly
Friday   2.00pm Tranmere - weekly
Sunday   6.30pm LIfestyle - young peoples group - weekly



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