Sunday services at GBC


Sunday in-person gathered worship - together again!

Following a brief move to online services we are pleased to announce that in-person services will restart at Guiseley Baptist Church from Sunday 23rd January.

A number of restrictions will still be in place to protect the congregation and those leading. These are: 

  • If you have any COVID symptoms we would like to know so we can pray for you but you will not be able to come into the church building.
  • While in the building you will be required to wear a face covering. This is primarily to protect others. There are two exemptions: those leading from the front and anyone with health issues which prohibit them from wearing a face covering.
  • On entry you will still need to provide contact info.
  • You will be encouraged to sanitise your hands as you move into the worship centre.
  • The toilets are open and materials are provided for you to sanitise the toilet after use.
  • We encourage you to practice social distancing.
  • To ensure ventilation all doors will be opened at times during the service, so please dress accordingly if the weather is inclement.
  • After the service we ask you to have any conversations outside the building were you will be able to remove your face covering.

These restrictions will be reviewed by the GBC leadership team on a monthly basis.


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